Borgen Medicine and Remedies

Despite their great wealth, the members of House Borgen live a relatively modest life, where Lord Borgen’s lowborn bastards are made to be servants of the castle and his highborn bastards take pleasure in studying the Borgen way of medicine.

House Borgen are experts in medicine and skilled in the creation of poisons.

They have more members in the Order of Medicine – a professional group within the Kingdom of Vahalia that produces physicians and midwives – than all the Grand Houses combined. Along with predominantly making up the Order of Medicine, House Borgen has created many of the cures and remedies that are used in the kingdom today.

Many of those who wish to join the Order of Medicine become apprentices to higher members of House Borgen in order to learn the basic skill sets needed to practice medicine.


  •  The Golden Plague 

Brought in waves during 1160 AS, 3390 AS, 5630 AS, and 6500 AS, the Golden Plague swept across the Kingdom of Vahalia, killing nearly 1/8th of the population.

Symptoms: Boils on the skin, dark brown urine, rashes and blisters within the mouth, high fever, and excessive sweating.

Cure: Mix 2 pinches of wolfbane, 1 handful of shredded roses, 1 pinch of coal powder, 3 smidges of mackerel oil, and 2 glasses of honey ale into a bowl. Have the patient drink the tonic three times a day. For best results, have the patient drink the tonic on an empty stomach.


  • The Sea Lungs 

Sailors are the primary victims of the dreaded sickness, the Sea Lungs.  This sickness is brought on by heavy exposure to salt water and sea air, which has been known to drive a man insane.

Symptoms: Hallucinations, vomiting, madness, and throwing one’s self overboard.

Cure: Mix 3 glasses of rain or river water, the juice of five oranges, 1 handful of lady’s breath, the mashed leg of a starfish, and 1 pinch of shredded seabird feathers. Have the patient drink the tonic 6-8 times a day. Be prepares to hold the patient down for they may have already gone mad.


  • The Red Scare

Rampant after the Great Flood of 5033 AS, the red scare was a horribles sickness that led to the deaths of nearly 20,000 people, which was believed to be brought on by the blood bugs that invaded the marshy lands.

Symptoms: Red blotches, fever, chills, sweating, bloody stool, muscle pain, vomiting, convulsions.

Cure: Mix together 1 handful of fishbone powder, 1 glass of sea water, 2 pinches of dried algae, 2 spoonfuls of squid ink, 10 clam shells that have been dried and ground to a dust. Apply the paste onto the red blotches on the patient’s skin and cover with wet clothes that have been warmed by the fire. Keep on the patient’s skin until their fever goes down.


  • The Faerie Kiss

Said to have been a curse placed by the soul of the faeries who were killed during the Purge of 6001 AS, the Faerie Kiss sickness infected only those within the Diagon Realm. More than half of the members of House Diagon succumbed to the sickness.

Symptoms: Boils on the skin, madness, hallucinations, racing heartbeat, extreme weight loss, increase hunger.

Cure: Though no cure has been found to guarantee wellness in a victim of the faerie kiss, there have been remedied created to make death a little more comfortable for the patient. Some of these remedies include taking hot baths with willow flowers and the juice of goldi berries, eating large amounts of beetroot soup, and placing the patient in a cell filled with silk and flowers.


  • The Applani Breath

Originally from the Applani Kingdom across the Calipso Sea, the Applani Breath sickness was brought to the Kingdom of Vahalia during the Battle of Coals of 7013 AS, which was believed to have been spread by the rats on the Applani ships.

Symptoms: Coughing up blood, pale skin, hollow cheeks, weakness in the joints, fluid in the lungs.

Cure: In a cauldron over the fire, mix together 1 pinch of colic root, 3 pinches of birth root, 1 handful of bloodroot, 2 pinches of wolfbane and 2 glasses of maple sap. Bring the tonic to a boil before removing from the fire. Have the patient drink the tonic while it’s still warm on an empty stomach.


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