“The beast’s head hangs low on its shoulders – large and boxed shaped – with pointy ears and a long snout. Beneath the snout are four large fangs. They are curved like talons and glisten with bloody drool.”

The chaveonus are nasty and ugly creatures.

Known as switchers by the people who live in the Kingdom of Vahalia, the chaveonus are bloody thirsty and take pleasure in the hunt, most of the time not even eating their prey after killing it and using the body as chew toys.

Created by a clan of dark witches in the year 1203 A.S, the chaveonus is a dangerous breed that was created through a combination of bear’s gall bladders, viper’s venom, and the blood of a Gemini.

While the chaveonus’s original form resembles a skinless bear with large fangs and sharp claws, the beast has the ability to take on the form of anything that it kills. Along with gaining their prey’s form, the chaveonus also gains the prey’s memories and the ability to mimic them precisely.

Located mostly in the northern region of Vahalia, the chaveonus travels in large herds with an average of 20 to 30 beasts per herd, which are made up of both males and females. Typically, each herd has two alpha males and two alpha female, but there have been herds without such hierarchy systems. Rouge chaveonuses are uncommon but, when they occur, these rogues usually travel in pairs and most of the time are siblings. When they are not traveling across the north, the chaveonus live in caves deep in the forests, where they make their nests using dried moss and twigs.

Unlike most predatorial species in the Kingdom of Vahalia, the chaveonus is known for hunting and eating people, rather than animals like deer and elk. There have been over 6,000 reports of people killed by a chaveonus and it’s believed that much more have been unreported.

The horror of the chaveonus came to a bloody end in 6654 A.S when Lord Diagon ordered for his men to hunt down and kill all of the beasts.

The chaveonus species became extinct within a few years.


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