Lords and Ladies of House Borgen

Despite their great wealth, the members of House Borgen live a relatively modest life, where Lord Borgen’s lowborn bastards are made to be servants of the castle and his highborn bastards take pleasure in studying the Borgen way of medicine and poison.

  • Lord Christoph the Bastard Sire (r. 1012 AS – 1039 AS)


Childhood: The second of Lord Gerulf and the only child born from his second marriage to Annabella of House Blackwood, Christoph was raised in the shadow of his elder brother and heir to the Borgen Realm, Prince Albert. At the age of eight, he was sent to the Order of Medicine, where he was trained in tonics and medicine. However, due to the obsession of his mentor, Physician Hartwig, Christoph spent most of his time studying plants and became a master of the poisons that can be created from them.

Reign: After the death of his elder brother and father – who both died in their sleep at the ages of thirty-nine and twenty – Christoph was crowned the Lord of House Borgen. A moon cycle after his coronation, the new Lord Borgen married Anselma, the favorite niece of Physician Hartwig, and agreed to foster her younger sister, Apollonia. For the first two years of marriage, Lord Christoph and Anselma were happy and the couple had produced one daughter. But, after Anselma suffered a miscarriage and two still births, Christoph began to seek comfort in the arms of Apollonia. Their coupling will bring forth the infamous, Emmet the Enchanter, the first bastard of House Borgen to wield magic. (The Spells of House Borgen)

Claim to Fame: Siring eighty- two bastards with multiple women in the hope of having another bastard who can wield magic.

  • Lord Baldur the Mere-Lover (r. 2347 AS – 2389 AS) 


Childhood: The only son of Lady Ilona and Nicholai of House Navarre, Baldur was raised alongside his two little sisters, Princess Ilsa and Princess Ilse. Due to his mother spending all of her time ruling the Borgen Realm and refusing to relinquish any power to her husband, Baldur and his sisters were looked after by his father, rather than governesses and tutors. The three Borgen children were taught about philosophy, astrology, and languages, while Baldur was also taught spear fishing and his sisters were taught needlework.

Reign: Baldur became the Lord of House Borgen at the age of seventeen after the death of his mother – who died from eating a bowl of bad clams – and gave his father the title of Royal Advisor. With the help of his father, the Borgen Realm lived in peace for over a decade, refusing to participate in any war and selling their salts to the highest bidder. But this peace came to an end when Princess Isla and Princess Ilse were caught in a whirlpool of the coast of Salt Isle. Amazingly, despite their boat being sucked into the depth of the sea and crushed, Lord Baldur’s sisters were saved by a mermaid and returned home. Lord Baldur, besotted by the mermaid and grateful that the sea woman saved his little sisters, married the mermaid the next morning, dubbing the mermaid his Little Sea Wife. 

Claim to Fame: Marrying a mermaid and creating tunnels within the Borgen Castle that lead to the sea.

  • Lord Engelbert the Half-Bred (r. 3029 AS – 3052 AS)


Childhood: The favorite nephew of Lord Herbert and Jane of House Blackwood, Engelbert was the son of Lord Borgen’s younger sister, Princess Mathilda. After the death of his father, Theseus of House Windermere, Engelbert and his mother moved back to Salt Isle. There, he was raised alongside his cousins, Prince Joseph and Princess Isidor, and treated like a son by Lord Herbert. But Lord Borgen’s love of Engelbert did nothing to soften the animosity of his Aunt Jane, who hated the boy, almost as much as she hated his mother.

Reign: After the death of Prince Joseph and Princess Isidor – who died in a storm while out at sea – it was revealed that Lord Engelbert was the bastard son of Lord Herbert brought about by an incestuous relationship with his sister. But despite being a bastard conceived through incest, Engelbert was able to claim the Borgen throne after the death of his father, who died when Jane smothered him was a pillow. As his first act of Lord Borgen, he arrested Jane of House Blackwood and sentenced her to die by drowning. Jane was brought to one of the many caves on Salt Isle and chained to the rocks, where she waited until the sea level rose and drowned. The next thing Lord Engelbert did was give his mother the title of Dowager Lady Borgen, thus causing another scandal to spread across the Calipso Sea to the mainland of Vahalia.

Claim to Fame: Being created through the incest of Lord Herbert and Princess Mathilda.

  • Lady Floretta the Kraken Slayer (r. 4782 AS – 4831 AS)


Childhood: Being the only child of Lord Heinrich and Bellisima of House Borgen, Floretta was taught both the skills of a woman and the skill of a man throughout her childhood. She was taught how to spear fish and how to sail. She was taught how to do needlework and how to sing. During her youth on Salt Isle, Floretta was raised under her father’s wing and trained to be the next ruler of House Borgen. She proved to have many traits of a ruler; from strength to justice, from determination to strategy, from kindness to compassion.

Reign: After the death of the death of her father, Floretta was crowned Lady Borgen at the age of eleven and her mother, Bellisima, was declared her regent until the time came when Floretta can rule. That time came three years later when Floretta married Prince Pierre of House Silverstone at the age of fourteen. However, despite being a young and healthy woman, Floretta was not able to bear a child. She suffered twelve miscarriages and four stillbirths by her thirtieth birthday and, eventually, she stopped conceiving altogether, for she was a Borgen woman and Borgen women are known for their struggle to conceive. This led Lady Floretta to focus her attention on ruling the Borgen Realm and strengthening her skills in sailing and strategy. Finally, in the Summer of 4801 AS, Lady Floretta’s attention was put to good use when a herd of krakens attacked Salt Isle.

Claim to Fame: Defeating a herd of krakens by spearing the Mother Kraken with a golden spear.

  • Lord Gerfried the Pirate (r. 5222 AS – 5231 AS)


Childhood: The great nephew of Lord Ansgar and Amelia of House Blackwood, Gerfried was never meant to be the Lord of a Grand House. His mother was the niece of Lord Borgen and her father, Prince Alfred, was Lord Borgen’s twelfth and youngest sibling. There were thirty-two souls between Gerfried and the Borgen crown. And so, instead of teaching their son how to rule and govern a realm, Gerfried’s parents taught him how to live and survive in the world, for their world would not take mercy on those with no titles or inheritance. He was taught how to sail and track and barter and fight.

Reign: Gerfried was crowned Lord Borgen after disaster struck. Lord Borgen and Lady Amelia, along with their large family and retinue, were on board a ship that was ambushed by the Applani Kingdom. The ship went up in flames and sank to the bottom of the Calipso Sea, dragging down with it the thirty-two souls that separated Gerfried from the Borgen crown. At first, Gerfried wanted no part of the Borgen Realm, for he much preferred sailing and having adventures out at sea. But with the convincing of his mother, Gerfried conceded and sailed to Salt Isle to be crowned Lord Borgen. Alas, the crown was an empty symbol, for it was Lord Gerfried’s mother who wielded the power behind the throne and Lord Gerfried was more than happy to let him mother rule the realm in his stead. However, after a decade of sitting on a throne of sea glass and being stuck on Salt Isle, Lord Gerfried made an official decree, making his mother the official Lady of House Borgen.

Claim to Fame: Relinquishing the crown of House Borgen and running away to become a pirate.


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