According to legend, the mermaidens were created by the God of the Sea, Njord, after the Goddess of Voyagers, Lula, refused his hand in marriage. For Lula had already fallen in love with the pirate, Nichola Blackstone. Angered and hurt by Lula’s refusal, Njord swore to hurt the very people who Lula loves and cherishes the most. The voyagers of the sea. Using a few drops of his blood and the essence of his heartbreak, Njord created the mermaidens out of sea foam and sand, infusing their naked souls with his anger towards voyagers.


Filled with Njord’s anger, the mermaidens began to attack ships and slaughter the voyagers upon the sea vessels, dragging them into the dark depths of the ocean. Horrified by the deaths of so many voyagers – the very people who she has sworn to protect – Lula finds a way to trap half of the mermaidens and free them from Njord’s influence.

Freed from their anger, the mermaidens swore an oath to protect the voyagers from the other mermaidens, causing the mermaidens to separate into two clans: the Eboness Clan and the Ivorness Clan.

Physical Characteristics 

Mermaidens are known for their long fish tails. They have piercing silver eyes and fish-scales that cover the sides of their face and breast. These scales come in a wide variety of colors and no two scales are alike. While the mermaidens of the Ivorness Clans are beautiful and youthful, the mermaidens of the Eboness Clan are old and haggard.

Clan Dynamics 


The mermaiden species is made up entirely of females and is, therefore, run on a matriarch system. Each clan is ruled by the three eldest females, who make the main decisions on the clan: where they will travel to, how a mermaid shall be punished, and whether or not they shall fight. Mermaids remain in the clan they were born in and it’s unheard of for a mermaid to go off on her own.

Mating and Childbearing


Due to being only females, mermaidens must look to other species in order to produce children. Once a decade, during the Blood Moon, a mermaiden’s tail transforms into legs and they are able to come ashore for a night, where they seduce men and become with child before returning to the sea. After eighteen months of pregnancy, a mermaid will give birth in Lightning Bay, a sacred place for the mermaidens. If the mermaid births a girl, the child remains with the mother but, if she births a boy, the child shall be given to the father or left to nature.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Sirenian and mermaid

Mermaidens are able to breathe underwater and on land. They are extremely fast swimmers and their eyesight can rival even faeries. The average lifespan of a mermaid is four to five hundred years and their minds are able to retain an incredible amount of information, for a mermaiden never forgets. They are fierce fighters and are known to wield swords with sharpened sea glass.

A mermaid’s skin is very delicate. They can die from exhaustion if they are above water and in direct sunlight for too long. Young mermaidens are at risk of being eaten by creatures of the sea, such as sharks, giant sea serpents, and blood seals.


In the Purge of 6339 AS, all of the mermaidens were hunted and slaughtered by Lord Diagon’s soldiers, killing both the Eboness Clan and the Ivorness Clan.


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