Pixies and Sprites

Famous for their cherubic faces and child-like voices, pixies and sprites are known as the Woodland Children, due to making their homes in hollowed trees and their love a bathing in the rivers.

But do not let their innocent faces and kind voices deceive you. For pixies and sprites can be fierce and ferocious creatures, ones who have a tendency to play tricks of the mind and lure victims into their traps.

While pixies and sprites wield many of the same abilities and carry many of the same weaknesses – for they both have the ability fly and a tendency to die when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time – they were not created equal, nor for the same purpose.

In a bid to gather information from her enemy’s camps, the Goddess Calypso created the sprites; tiny winged people who stand at 6 inches that have the ability to sneak around large crowds without being noticed or detected by hounds.


To create these creatures, Calypso combined the wings of a dragonfly, the venom of a black serpent, the hiss of a jaguar, and the blood of a hydra, creating a liquid that was darker than a moonless night sky. The goddess then carved the body of a small man and woman from coals and submerged these figures into the black liquid. With a few drops of her own blood and the powerful words of a goddess, the small man and woman reemerged as sprites.

And it was through these two sprites that all the other sprites were born.

For over a moon cycle, Calypso’s sprites would fly through the campsites of her enemies, gaining information and slitting the throats of original soldiers.


But Gandos – the King of the Gods and Calypso’s enemy – soon learned about the sprites’ existence and retaliated by creating his own tiny creatures.

Carving a man and woman out of sun crystals, Gandos infused these figures with the fang of a dragon, the scale of a mermaiden, and a kiss from his lover, thus bringing forth the birth of the pixies.

And so, during the War of the Gods and the long years that followed, the pixies and sprites fought against each other – wielding their sharp teeth and claw-like nails – with a vicious passion.

For these tiny creatures were created by their masters to be enemies, as they shall be, until the end of time.


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