Spells of House Borgen

“A lucky Borgen is a bastard Borgen”, said Markos. Amelia’s elder brother looks out to the sea as their ship rocks against the harsh waves. His tone is soft and she can tell that his mind is in another place. It must be a better place than here. “They say Borgen bastards have magic running through their veins. You heard the story of Emmet the Enchanter, little sister. The bastard could perform spells.”

The bastards of House Borgen are rumored to be gifted with magic and the ability to perform spells. The gift of magic is only given to the bastards of Lord Borgens and legitimate children are unable to receive the gift. But the gift of magic is extremely rare – rarer that the birth of Gemini – and many centuries can pass without a Borgen bastard receiving the gift.

Those who are born with the gift carry the image of a sea serpent within their eyes, thus signifying their magical abilities and their station as a Borgen bastard.

Over the millenniums, each Borgen bastard who receives the gift studies from the book,  The Borgen Grimoire, which contains all the spells used by the magical men of the past. The grimoire is the relic of House Borgen and was given to them by their father god, Nerosi.

Popular Spells

  • Lucis Dator – To light the candles within a chamber.
  • Corpus Repetit – To take over someone’s body.
  • Memoria Praetervolo – To erase someone’s memories.
  • Invisible Corpus – To become invisible or make someone else invisible.
  • Corpus Mutante – To change the appearance of an object.
  • Amans Reditum – To make a person return an admirer’s love.
  • Tollere Corpus – To levitate something or someone.
  • Dolorem Inferens – To bring a person mental pain.

Though the Borgen bastards have proven themselves to be men of magical blood, there are still many people who do not believe in their magic, believing these men to be liars and the stars of self-made legends.

This is due to the Order of Faith making a decree that these magical bastards can not exist, for the gods would never bless a person who is illegitimate.


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