The Castles of House Windermere

“Unlike other grand houses, who have claimed and rule over their own realms, House Windermere has no lands. They live within the walls of Diamond Rough in a small castle that had been given to them by Arslan Morgen, the first High Lord, with a wing of their own in the palace of the High Lord.”

Unlike the other seven Grand Houses, House Windermere has no realm to claim as their own, for they reside in Diamond Rough with the High House.

But that doesn’t mean the Windermere family is without castles.

As one of the most loyal Grand Houses in the Kingdom of Vahalia and the Sister House of the High House, House Windermere had been gifted with many castles throughout the years.

Many of the castles, however, have long been forgotten.

  • The Stone Keep

Corvinesti Castle, Hunedoara, Romania 4

Location: Near the border of the Morgen Realm and the Diagon Realm.

Claim: Given to House Windermere after Lord Clitus Windermere created the war strategy to fight off the Milania Kingdom in the Battle of Heathens in 3083 AS.

  • The Evermore Palace


Location: The western area of the Diagon Kingdom; close to the Cursed Realm.

Claim: Given to House Windermere as a wedding gift when Princess Athenala married Prince Ozan the Sweet in 2022 AS.

  • The Water Mouth Castle 


Location: In the Blackwood Realm and on the edge of the Calipso Sea

Claim: Given to House Blackwood after Lady Eirene Windermere used her knowledge of medicine to save Lady Cecily Morgen from childbed fever.

  • The Castle of Green Blood


Location: The Silverstone Realm; close to the Marlowe Realm and the Blackwood Realm.

Claim: Given to Lord Draco Windermere after the Rape of the Garden, where Lord Windermere helped Lord Elvan of the High House and Lord Felix Diagon to achieve victory.

  • The Palace of Faith


Location: In the southern region of the old Marlowe Realm and close to the Cursed Realm.

Claim: Given to House Windermere after the Marlowe Rebellion of 6997 AS as a gift for their support and expertise on the battlefield.

  • The Keep of Iron


Location: On a small island that’s located off the coast of the Blackwood Realm.

Claim: Given to Lady Korinna Windermere after she gave birth to a pair of Gemini daughters in 4083 AS; the first Gemini to be born in House Windermere.

  • The Luna Castle


Location: In the wetlands of the Kingdom of Vahalia; located on the border of the Cursed Realm.

Claim: Received the Luna Castle after the Battle of Tears in 1073 AS, which saw House Windermere and the High House fight against the Yualla Empire, thus destroying it.


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