The High Lords of Vahalia

The most powerful men of Vahalia, the High Lords of the past have gained fame throughout all of the Original World due to their eccentric nature and their desire to reach their goals above all others.

They look to the gods for guidance and they look to the gods for forgiveness.

  • High Lord Gorkem Morgen (r.193 AS – 221 AS)


Childhood: The third son of High Lord Hadir Morgen and Sigartha of House Marlowe, Gorkem was raised within the shadows of his older brothers, Timur and Varol. Due to this lack of attention, Gorkem spent most of his childhood in the care of his governess, Mistress Kera, who would bring the young prince to the town square of Diamond Rough. There, Gorkem would play with the peasant kids and, once in his older youth, converse with the shop workers.

Reign: Gorkem was declared the High Lord of Vahalia at the age of seventeen after his parents and two elder brothers died in a carriage crash. He was meant to be in that carriage, but, when an old blacksmith was in need of an assistant for the day, Gorkem stayed behind to help the old blacksmith, thus saving himself from the crash. Believing this event to be a sign from the gods to help the peasants, High Lord Gorkem made it’s his life’s mission to help the peasants of Vahalia. He opened schools and hospitals for the poor and translated the Luniox into English.

Claim to Fame: Walked the streets as a peasant.

  • High Lord Namik Morgen (r. 1320 AS – 1346 AS)


Childhood: Born to High Lord Volken Morgen and Isabella of House Diagon, Namik Morgen was a quiet and shy child. The young prince spent most of his time in the castle’s library and in his bedchambers, where he would perform imaginary battles with his toy soldiers and pet parakeets, who he would then take as prisoners and kill if they lost the battle.

Reign: After his father was poisoned during the wedding feast of his nephew, Namik became the High Lord at the age of nine, leading his mother to become his regent. When Domitius the Hunter announce that House Diagon shall hunt down the dragons of the Original World, Namik and his mother were quick to lend their assistance. Between Namik’s love of war and the dowager Isabella’s loyalty to her blood house, the decision was an easy one to make, thus leading the High House to create an alliance with House Diagon.

Claim to Fame: Demolishing the Order of Faith, only to reinstate it on his death bed.

  • High Lord Ekvan Morgen (r. 3011 AS – 3018 AS)


Childhood: Born to Prince Remzi and Karoline of House Borgen, Ekvan was the nephew of High Lord Elvan, who had four sons. His father was the High Lord’s younger brother and his mother was the only child of Lord Wauldre Borgen. Despite the ancient and cruel tradition of the High House, Elvan had a pair of younger twin sisters, Derya and Deva, and allowed them to live. Though the sisters were twins, the girls were not Gemini and only Derya received the blood gift of House Morgen.

Reign: The reign of Lord Ekvan was built upon a foundation of betrayal and blood. When High Lord Elvan learned of Prince Remzi’s refusal to follow through with the tradition of the High House in regards to his daughter, the High Lord sent missionaries to kill his nieces, who survived the attack. This led Prince Remzi and House Borgen to attack Diamond Rough in a siege during the night and capture the High House family. Prince Remzi perished in the attack and Ekvan was declared the High Lord. His first order of business was to marry his sisters in a joint ceremony, both fearing they would betray him and fearing that other Morgens may wish to kill them for their sex.

Claim to Fame: Married both of his sisters.

  • High Lord Malik Morgen (r. 4333 AS – 4380 AS)


Childhood: After the deaths of his older brothers, Bahir and Bakir, Malik’s parents became obsessed with his health and safety. The young prince was unable to walk the halls of the castle without a chaperon, all of his food must be tasted before he was allowed to eat it, a physician would check over him every morning and every night. And he was under no circumstances, allowed to walk outside the castle walls.

Reign: Becoming the High Lord of Vahalia was more than just the gain of power, but it was the gain of freedom. As his first official act as High Lord, Malik brought in a horseman from the Blackwood Realm to teach him how to ride, which the sixteen-year-old had been forbidden to do by his father due to the dangers of horse riding. But learning how to ride a horse wasn’t enough for the young High Lord. He wanted to live his life and make up for the years that he had been held captive within his own home. He wanted to travel and see the world. On the eve of his twenty-second birthday, Malik declared his cousin, George of House Blackwood, as temporary ruler of Vahalia and set out on a ship to explore the world for the next eight years.

Claim to Fame: Explored the region across the Balkin Sea

“It’s a tradition – one that Nadir made a point of creating the day of his coronation as High Lord – for the Morgen family to eat as a family in his personal dining chambers at least three times a week. It is during these suppers that they are not the royal family of Vahalia, but simply the family of House Morgen, free from the hawk watching eyes of court. Mother, son, wife, sister, brother, daughter. These are the only titles they hold during supper.”


3 thoughts on “The High Lords of Vahalia

  1. Not sure I would want my “claim to fame” to be that I married my siblings haha, but I would happily let it be explored the region across the Balkin Sea or walked the streets as a peasant. So are there only four high lords of Vahalia or are these just the most well known?


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