The Queen of House Navarre

Throughout the history of the Kingdom of Vahalia, men have been viewed and thought of as the more dominant of the sexes. Men are the ones who wield the power and men are the ones who have gained the glory. Men have created empires and men have struck entire kingdoms to their knees.

But the Ladies of House Navarre have proven – time and time again – that men are not the sole wielders of power in the original world.

The Ladies of House Navarre are powerful and unstoppable forces, ones who are not to be underestimated by their sex. And, in a world that’s dominated by men, these women are making waves and causing scandals.

  • Queen Annika the Ice Breaker (r.989 AS – 1029 AS)


Childhood: The second daughter of Lord Aleksandr Navarre and Jane of House Blackwood, Annika grew up with her older brother, Prince Viktor, and her three younger sister’s, Princess Vera, Princess Alena, and Princess Nina. While her brother was raised under the stern wing of their father, Annika and her sisters enjoyed more freedom and liberties. While her brother was tutored by scholars, Annika would explore the lands within the Navarre Realm with her sisters.

Reign: After the death of Lord Viktor – who had only been Lord of House Navarre for a hundred days – Annika was crown Lady Navarre. But she was never meant to be the Lady of a Grand House, for she would much rather exploring the Silent Forest or steering a boat through the rivers of the wetlands. Alas, Annika learned that she could do both as Lady of House Navarre. She could sit in a council meeting during the morning and go horseback riding through the Silent Forest at night. Annika was able to balance her sense of adventure with her duties to the realm.

Claim to Fame: Fighting against the Rogues of Iceguardia – savage men who lived on the islands of the Balkin Ocean – and protecting the northern border of the Kingdom of Vahalia.

  • Queen Valera the Silk Grower (r.2487 AS – 2533 AS)


Childhood: The eldest child of Lady Anya Navarre and Bjorn of House Marlowe, Valera grew up in the countryside of the Navarre Realm with her little brother, Prince Nikolai. But the prince died from consumption at the age of seven and, thus, Vera became the heir to the Navarre Realm at the age of thirteen. However, her new title as heir to House Navarre didn’t provide Valera with the luxuries that most princesses would enjoy, for the treasury of House Navarre had run dry. And so, the princess and heir lived a simple life with only the most basic of needs met.

Reign: Princess Valera didn’t complete the traditional mourning period of her mother, Lady Anya, before crowing herself Lady of House Navarre. “How can I wait a moon cycle when there’s so much to do?” she had asked her father. “A griffon never waits to soar.” The first thing that Valera did as the head of House Navarre was passed the Act of Taxation; a document that all nobles were required to sign, which made it illegal for those within the nobility class to not pay taxes. A few other acts that were passed by Lady Valera was the Act of Coin – which prevented money from being created without a license – and the Act of Trade – which placed a tax on the merchants.

Claim to Fame: Commissioning for silk fields to be made and boosting the economy of the Navarre Realm.

  • Queen Gelya the Savior (r.4032 AS – 4081 AS)


Childhood: Born a Gemini, Geyla was the younger twin of Prince Alexi, the heir to the Navarre Realm. They were the only children of Lord Petr Navarre and Blache of House Diagon and were raised alongside their cousins, Pasha and Sasha, who were orphaned after Lord Petr’s youngest sister died in the plague. Despite being a princess, Geyla received the same training and education as her twin, mastering her blood gift and learning how to control a room full of noblemen. But, as the years began to pass, Geyla learned that her brother was not the man she thought he was.

Reign: After the deaths of her parents, who drowned in the Radix River after their riverboat crash, war broke out between Princess Geyla and the newly crowned Lord Alexi. The princess believed that her brother had been touched by madness – for he was a cruel man who took pleasure in tears – and, with the aide of her cousins, fought to gain the Navarre throne. Through a decree made by the Order of Medicine, Princess Geyla was finally able to seize the throne, sending her brother into the hands of the order. For the next fifty years, the Navarre Realm lived in harmony and prosperity, which had dubbed the Golden Age of Navarre.

Claim to Fame: Seizing the throne of the Navarre Realm from her mad brother.

  • Queen Yelena the Healer (r.5011 AS – 5074 AS)


Childhood: The younger sister of Lady Antonia Navarre, Yelena was raised as a ward of her sister and her sister’s husband, Roland of House Borgen. Due to Yelena’s interest in medicine – which she portrayed by taking in wounded animals and trying to heal them as a child – Lady Antonia sent Yelena to the Order of Medicine and arranged for her to study with the masters. There, the princess was mentored by The Watcher, Malik of House Morgen, who taught her the ways of tonics and diseases. She was known for being a bright pupil; one who was always wanting and willing to learn.

Reign: When her older sister succumbed to childbed fever after giving birth to a stillborn son, Yelena wrote a letter to her brother-in-law and the High Lord, decreeing that Roland shall rule as Lord of House Navarre until her studies in the Order of Medicine have been completed. The two men agreed and she took her place as Lady Yelena Navarre three years later. To the surprise of the other Lords and Ladies of the kingdom, the transition went smoothly and Roland did not try to keep the throne in his power. During her reign, Lady Yelena developed new methods in child birthing, wishing for no other woman to share the faith of her dear sister, and made it popular to use maggots when clean open wounds.

Claim to Fame: Helping to heal the men and women who became infected with the red scare sickness.

  • Queen Natalia the Noble Keeper (r.6223 AS – 6272 AS)


Childhood: The niece of Lord Olaf Navarre and Clarisse of House Blackwood, Natalia was the daughter of disgraced Prince Ivan, Lord Navarre’s younger brother. Prince Ivan had married Sonia – the kennel master’s daughter – against the orders of his older brother, for the prince was already betrothed to Princess Agatha of House Windermere. And so, with her father stripped of his title and allowance, Natalia was raised in a small cottage on the coast of the Balkin Sea. There, she was taught skills like hunting and astrology by her father and needlework and manners by her mother. It was the most happy of childhoods.

Reign: Natalia rose to be the Lady of House Navarre after the plague swept across the Navarre Realm, bringing death to Lord Olaf Navarre, Clarisse of House Blackwood and Prince Ivan. Her mother – knowing that her beloved daughter was next in line of succession – brought Natalia to Navarre Palace before succumbing to the plague. With the help of her advisors, Natalia was able to transition into the role of Lady Navarre, despite having never stepped into the palace until the plague. She was known as a kind and just ruler. Her kindness was never more prevalent than when she gave sanctuary to Princess Aurora of House Diagon and Prince Owen of House Blackwood, who married against the orders of their parents.

Claim to Fame: Defying the orders of House Blackwood and House Diagon to protect a prince and princess who were in love.


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