The Lords and Ladies of House Windermere

“Lord Windermere is a supporter of the High Lord.” Taiya grips her cup and causes the black tea within to shake. “If he finds out, he won’t think twice before exposing her. Why put my daughter in such risk when we don’t have too?”

Known as the sister house of the High House, House Windermere has been ruled by the Lords and Ladies of House Windermere since the creation of their Grand House, following the victorious end to the War of the Gods.

Along the years, the Lords and Ladies of House Windermere have proven themselves to be more than just the advisors and supporters of the High House, but formable rulers in their own right.

  • Lord Stephanos the Inventor (r. 1051 AS – 1073 AS)


Childhood: The only child of Lord Dimitri Windermere and Clelia of House Diagon, Stepanos Windermere was a gifted child and the beloved jewel of his tutors, Master Stephan and Master Roberto. By the age of five, the young prince was fluent in the languages of English, Old Navarrian, and Applanian. He was a lover of books, a thinker of philosophy, and a devoted scholar.

Reign: After the death of his beloved father, Stephanos became the Lord of House Windermere and took on the role of Head Advisor to the High Lord, which had been occupied by the former Lord Windermere. But the role of the High Lord’s advisor proved to be a difficult one for Lord Stephanos. Rather than listening to his advice, the High Lord would look to his priests when seeking guidance.

Claim to Fame: Inventing the catapult, which helped them to win the Battle of Tears against the Yualla Empire in 1073 AS.

  • Lady Eulalia the Mother (r. 2123 AS – 2169 AS)

Portrait of a Lady (Titian) (1555)

Childhood: The fifth child of Lord Alexander Windermere and Cleo of House Marlowe, Eulalia was kept in the shadows of her five older brothers: Nikos, Markos, Henkos, Pallios, and Theodos. She was raised by her beloved governess, Mistress Porter, and her tutor, Master Lucas, who had been hired by her maternal uncle, Rollo. As a child, Eulalia was always seen with a doll clutched in her hand.

Reign: After the death of her parents and five brothers – who perished in a carriage attack led by a rebel clan in the east – Eulalia was thrust onto the throne of House Windermere at the age of fourteen. But despite her lack of experience and young age, Lady Eulalia Windermere proved herself to be a formidable ruler of House Windermere, ruling with the strength of a man and the gentleness of a woman.

Claim to Fame: Fostering the bastards from all the Eight Grand Houses.

  • Lord Kosmas the Regent (r. 2892 AS – 2939 AS)


Childhood: The whipping boy of Prince Kasim of the High House, Kosmas was raised alongside the heir of the High House, who he formed a strong friendship with during their youth. As the prince’s whipping boy, Kosmas received the same education as Prince Kasim and the boys were trained by the swordsmen and the same horsemen. Kosmas was said to be closer to Prince Kasim than he was to his own brothers, Henrico and Altair.

Reign: After the deaths of their fathers, who perished together on the battlefield, Kosmas became the Lord of House Windermere and Prince Kasim became the Lord of the High House. But when High Lord Kasim met his maker that same year, Lord Kosmas was declared the official regent of Kasim’s son, Dorak. Lord Kosmas ruled over House Windermere and the High House until High Lord Dorak reached maturity.

Claim to Fame: Becoming the regent of the High Lord and wielding power over two Grand Houses.

  • Lady Alexandria the Forger (r. 4444 AS – 4482 AS)


Childhood: The only child of Lord Damaris Windermere and Helena of House Windermere, Alexandria was the heir of House Windermere. Despite her female sex, Alexandria was given the education of a prince and trained in the art of archery, sword fighting, and philosophy. And though Alexandria was not known as a great beauty -for her teeth were rotten due to her love of sugar sticks – there was a hook that caught men’s eyes.

Reign: Alexandria became the High Lady of the High House before she became the Lady of House Windermere. It was during a tournament that Alexandria had caught the eye and the heart of the High Lord, having participated in a joust and won. Five years later, Alexandria became Lady Alexandria Windermere and, one year later, gave birth to Gemini twins, Prince Loukas and Prince Berk. Prince Loukas was named the heir of House Windermere and Prince Berk was named the heir of the High House.

Claim to Fame: Giving birth to the heir of House Windermere and the heir to the High House.

  • Lord Markos the One Eyed (r. 5392 AS – 5425 AS)


Childhood: The bastard son of Lord Windermere’s youngest sister, Princess Padma, Markos Windermere was known as the stain of House Windermere. But it was more than just his bastard blood that gained the family’s displeasure and dislike of the young boy. Markos Windermere was born with only one eye, which would flash red and gold when angered or frustrated. Due to his bastard blood and one eye, Markos was raised as the dirty secret of House Windermere.

Reign: After Lord Windermere and his three sons died from a curse, Princess Padma campaigned across the entire Kingdom of Vahalia, rallying for men to stand behind Markos Windermere as the new Lord of House Windermere. But there was another mother who was fighting for her son’s claim to the throne. Countess Lucille of House Borgen was campaigning for her son, Albert, to become Lord Windermere, due to being the third cousin of the recently deceased Lord Windermere. But after Markos received a vision from the gods, the High Lord declared hi legitimate and made him Lord Windermere.

Claim to Fame: Being the first bastard to gain the throne of a Grand House in his own right.


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