The Lords of House Diagon

 “His father curled his rosebud lips, the Diagon lips, into a sneer that vanished all traces of his handsomeness. The sneer contorted his face and made Lord Diagon look decades older than his years. Not even the thick blackness of his hair was able to turn back the clock on his aged face.”

The Lords of House Diagon have long been known for their bold personalities and even bolder actions.

From the evil to the eccentric and from the pious to the fanatical, no one can deny that the Lords of House Diagon have carved their place in the Kingdom of Vahalia with fire, blood, and magic.

These are the most famous Lords of House Diagon.

Let the power of Fuocos be with you.

  •  Lord Maximus the Digger (r. 264 AS – 289 AS)


Childhood: Maximus Diagon was born in 238 AS to Lord Tiberius Diagon and Lady Rosamund Diagon neé Blackwood. An adventurous child, Maximus was often found exploring the grounds that surround Diagon Castle and playing ‘Knight and Bandit’ with his two younger brothers, Lucius and Pontius. Despite being a high ranking noble, Maximus was almost illiterate and could only sign his name, which was due to his lack of studying and preference to the outdoors.

Reign: Once Maximus became Lord Diagon at the age of twenty-six, the young Lord married his childhood playmate, Antonia Gallicia, who would later become known as Antonia the Pious. Unlike other Lord Diagons, Maximus allowed Antonia to wield much power in the Diagon Realm and allowed his wife to sit in council meetings. Together, Lord Maximus and Lady Antonia carried out a reign that was peaceful, fruitful, and above all, lucrative.

Claim to Fame: Discovered the Gemstone Mines in the Valley of Pantenous.

  • Lord Domitius the Hunter (r. 1308 AS – 1348 AS)


Childhood: Born the second son of Lord Marcus Diagon and Lady Anna Diagon neé Borgen, Domitius Diagon was raised in the shadow of his elder brother and heir to the Diagon Realm, Severus. He was taken under the wing of his maternal uncle, Albert Borgen, who taught him skills of a huntsman: tracking, catching, shooting, and skinning. Domitius became the heir of House Diagon at the age of thirteen after a tragic hunting accident took the life of his elder brother.

Reign: During the earlier years of his reign, Domitius spent more time hunting in the Diagon Forest with his Pheonix Huntsmen – a small group of peasant men who were skilled in the art of hunting – then in privy council meeting, which led to the Diagon Castle being covered with stuffed animal heads and fur pelts. This all changed after Albert was killed by the Dragon, Mooren the Black, who then took control of the Diagon Emerald Mine, causing Lord Domitius to call for the deaths of all dragons.

Claim to Fame: Hunting the dragons into extinction.

  • Lord Nero Pyro (r. 2720 AS – 2734 AS)


Childhood: Born in 2701 AS to Lord Junius Diagon and Lady Helga Diagon neé Marlowe, Nero was said to have the willfulness of House Diagon and the wildness of House Marlowe, creating a boy who was prone to tantrums that could not be calmed until he got his way. One of these tantrums led to Nero knocking down a flaming torch and burning half of his face and his entire left hand, which he would cover with a ruby encrusted glove for the rest of his life.

Reign: Lord Nero Diagon holds the record for the most burning during his reign. Despite the accident that left him hideously scarred, Nero became obsessed with fire and ordered for at least one burning to take place each day. Be it the burning of murders or young boys who stole a piece of bread. Preferring to watch the burnings from his throne in the great hall, Nero ordered for a hole to be created in the ceiling of the great hall in order to release the smoke.

Claim to Fame: Kidnapping a Blackwood Princess and forcing her hand in marriage.

  • Lord Cesar the Crazy (r. 2758 AS – r. 2780 AS)


Childhood: Clitus Windermere was born to Earl Alexander Windermere and Countess Claretta Windermere neé Diagon, who was the younger sister of Lord Nero the Pyro. He was raised in the capital city of Diamond Rough and was blessed with the blood gift of House Windermere. But though his name and blood gift was that of House Windermere, Clitus had the strongest claim to the Diagon throne through his mother’s blood.

Reign: The only Lord Diagon to ever claim the Diagon crown through force, Clitus Windermere became Lord Diagon after his supporters attacked the Diagon Castle and killed the ruling Lord Diagon, Alfonzo the Black-Blood, and his mother, Princess Mary of House Blackwood. The young lord then changed his name from Clitus Windermere to Cesar Diagon. This was done in the hope of solidifying his claim to the throne and to calm those who believe that his bastard cousin, Enzo Diagon, should be Lord Diagon due to him being a full-blooded Diagon.

Claim to Fame: Executing all of the members of House Blackwood in the Diagon Realm.

  • Lord Augustus the Ancient (r. 6001 AS – 6022 AS)


Childhood: The fourth son of Lord Atticus Diagon and Lady Lucrezia Diagon, Augustus was a quiet and shy boy. Small for his age and prone to getting long bouts of sickness, Augustus was forced to stay within the castle walls of Diagon Castle at all time for fear of his delicate health. He would spend most of this time in his personal library, where he would read books about far away places and legends of the Old Age.

Reign: When his great-nephew, Lord Tiberius, died without an heir or any siblings, Augustus was crowned Lord of House Diagon at the age of 82. By this time, madness and paranoia had already begun to set into his elderly mind. Be it from his old age or under the circumstances of which he became Lord Diagon; for Lord Tiberius had been cut in half by a rogue faery.

Claim to Fame: Creating an intricate route of tunnels within the Diagon Castle.


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