The Orders of the Vahalia Kingdom

“Mother!” he cried. “This is preposterous! How can you allow her brats to have the same education as your own children? Master Clayton is the best tutor in all of Vahalia! He was trained by the Order of Education. And now you’re going to waste his expertise on the likes of a bastard? Preposterous! We – “

Created by the High House during the year 2847 AS, the Orders of Vahalia are guilds that specialize in certain areas of life. They are similar to the guild of the medieval era and are reserved for the nobility. However, a person with peasant blood can join an Order if they are funded by a member of the nobility, along with receiving a decree of acceptance from the High Lord.

The Orders of Vahalia are stationed on five islands along the coastline of the kingdom.

Each Order of Vahalia is controlled by a member of the High House, who are given the title of High Watcher.

Order of Education


High Watcher: Rasim Morgen

Stationed on Noro Island in Calipso Sea, the Order of Education is in charge of training the kingdom’s tutors, who are then hired by the Lords of Vahalia to educate the princes and princesses of the kingdom. Unlike the other Orders, the Order of Education is prominently made up of peasants who are funded by members of the nobility.

Order of Medicine


High Watcher: Canberk Morgen

Station on Pearl Island off the coast Salt Isle, the Order of Medicine is in charge of training the nursemaids, midwives, and physicians of the kingdom. During their training, pupils are subjected to vigorous studying and complex exams before they are able to work for the Lords of Vahalia. A majority of members of the order are from House Borgen.

Order of Faith


High Watcher: Ozan Morgen

Stationed on Zios Island, the Order of Faith is housed in the Grand Lunite Temple, which is the oldest and most important temple in the Lunite Faith. There, Elder Priests live in prayer and teach Neophates – those who wish to become Elder Priests – the ways of the Order. The Order of Faith wields an incredible amount of power in the kingdom.

Order of Coin


High Watcher: Putin Morgen

Stationed on Moss Isle, the Order of Coin overlooks the finances of the Kingdom of Vahalia and have the ability to give out loans. These loans are mostly given out to the Lords of Vahalia during times of war, famine, and droughts. Due to the high-interest, it’s nearly impossible to pay back the loan in gold and a son is often given as payment, instead.

Order of Trade


High Watcher: Malik Morgen

Stationed off the eastern coast of the Balkin Sea, the Order of Trade overlooks all of the trade routes within the Kingdom of Vahalia and many international trade routes. A member of the Order of Trade is stationed at each trading port. These members are in charge of checking over the required papers needed to trade between realms and can have traders arrested if they are without papers.

“But, by the gods and goddesses, if Anastasia comes to me one more time requesting advice on how to seduce her husband – my own half-brother – then I’m running away to join the Order of Medicine.”


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