The Relic of House Borgen

Given to the first Lord of House Borgen – the Lord Alderic Borgen – by their father god, Nerosi, the Shell of Borgen is House Borgen’s most prized possession.

According to legends, the Shell of Nerosi was the first shell to ever be created in the Original World. It was made with the powder of freshly ground Kraken’s teeth, the venom of a sea serpent, and the tears of a sea nymph. Alas, before the Shell of Nerosi was complete, Nerosi sliced his finger on a shard of broken sea glass and filled the shell with his divine blood.

And so, with the essence of Nerosi secured within the heart of the shell, the Shell of Neroisi took on the power of a god.

For it can hear all.

When placed against the ear of a Lord or Lady of Borgen blood, a whisper shall come forth from the heart of the shell. All one must do is say the name of the person who they wish to hear from. The Shell of Nerosi is without limits and without bounds. It can hear the whisper of a man across the Calipso Sea. It can hear the girls of a girl in the Milania Kingdom. It can hear the last prayer of an old man dying in the dark depths of the Black Sea.

All a Borgen must do is listen and wait.


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