The Relic of House Diagon

 “And there, lying upon its blacken palm, is a glove of rubies.

     The courtiers gasp. Even after all this time – after all of the burnings and punishments and purges – they have never lost their feeling of awe at the sight of it.”

The divine relic of House Diagon, the Glove of Fuocos is the most prized possession of the Diagon Lords, who are the only ones that have the privilege to wield the relic.

Made from solid gold and encrusted with blood rubies, the Glove of Fuocos gives the Lords of House Diagon the ability to wield the Diagon blood gift of fire wielding, even if the lords have not been blessed with the blood gift. But the Lords of House Diagon are unable to wield the Glove of Fuocos on their own. In order to wield the divine relic, the Diagon Lords must place themselves in the magical hands of the Diagon Shadows, who are the only ones that carry the knowledge on how to wield the glove.

And it was the Diagon Shadows who had delivered the divine relic to Lord Diagon.

According to legend, the Glove of Fuocos was created using the ruby veil that Fuocos had gifted his second wife, Sifa, with on their wedding day. The veil was made from blood rubies – gemstones formed from the blood of slain gods – which were created using the blood of Aethelthryth, the Goddess of Daughters, and Fuocos’ first wife. But when Sifa perished in the final battle of the War of the Gods, Fuocos – heartbroken and filled with anguish – threw the ruby veil into the Black Sea.

For centuries it was lost in the depths of the deep sea until finally, one day, the ruby veil was discovered by the Diagon Shadows, who plucked the rubies from the cloth and forged the Glove of Fuocos.

And so, from Lord Diagon to Lord the Diagon, the Glove of Fuocos is passed, aiding those who were not blessed by the gods.



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