The Relic of House Marlowe

Able to deliver immeasurable strength to its wielder and never miss a target, the Ax of Oralla is the divine relic of House Marlowe.

Given to Siguard the Scarred – who gained his name for the scars along his back that were given to him after he was captured and whipped by enemy forces –  the Ax of Oralla is House Marlowe’s most sacred possession. For despite being one of the Eight Grand Houses of the Kingdom of Vahalia, the members of House Marlowe hold golden books and whispering shells in low esteem.

They are fighters – warriors – and shall always be so.

Unlike the other grand houses of Vahalia – where the house’s relic is passed down from Lord to Lord and from Lady to Lady – the Ax of Oralla is passed down to the member of House Marlowe who is deserving of the relic and has shown himself to be a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

However, prowess on the battlefield is not the only road to gaining the Ax of Oralla, for there had been a time when a Marlowe of great courage and kindness was honored with the relic, Hvitserk the Honorable.

Sadly, the Ax of Oralla was destroyed during the Marlowe Rebellion, which saw both the relic and its wielder, Egil the Eagle-Eye, crushed under a fallen pillar.


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