The Relic of House Morgen

The Golden Luniox is the relic of House Morgen.

The divine relic was given to Arslan Morgen, the first High Lord of House Morgen – known also as the High House – at the end of the War of the Gods. The mother goddess of House Morgen, Calypso, was said to have given the Golden Luniox to Arslan the Strong Heart while on the field during the Battle of Dusk, the final battle of the war. Calypso gave it to him while drenched in the blood of gods and originals, alike, and standing on the back of a fallen enemy god. The goddess made Arslan swear on his soul that he should always abide by the messages held within the Golden Luniox.

And so, Lord Arslan of House Morgen bent his knee and swore on his soul, unknowing the power of the gift he now possessed.

Made of pure gold – which had been forged my Maros, the God of Gold and Silver – the Golden Luniox is one of the few remaining ways for a god or goddess to contact an original being. The passages within the divine relic were written by Calypso and the seven other members of the Lunar Council, telling originals stories, and prophecies, and laws of the lunite faith.

One of these prophecies is the Prophecy of Morgana, which speaks about the pathway of the Chosen One, who is destined to save or damn the original beings.

The Golden Lunoix is said to have been written while the War of the Gods was raging on, for the eight gods knew that they would be victorious and leave the original world behind.

And, when they would leave the original world and return to the Realm of Lunarok, the gods needed a way to share their teachings and laws to the eight realms and the original beings who live within them.

Only the High Lords of the High House are permitted to read from the divine relic and, thus, they are the mouths of the gods.


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