The Relic of House Navarre

The Mirror of Orion is the divine relic of House Navarre.

According to the legend, Orion saw his reflection in the water of a northern river and, besotted with himself, created the mirror so that he would always be able to gaze upon himself. For Orion – with his raven black hair and evergreen eyes – was said to be the most beautiful of all the gods and goddesses. Even more beautiful than Valor, the God of Handsomeness.

For over eight centuries, Orion would only permit himself to look in the mirror – for the God believed that only his beauty was worthy of a reflection – until, during the wedding feast of the Goddess of Whispers, Calisa, and the Goddess of Prayer, Kalisee, he found another whose beauty was worthy.

Myanna, the Goddess of the Past.

And so, Orion lifted the mirror to show Myanna her beautiful reflection, only for the goddess to learn forward place a kiss on her mirrored-self.

By kissing it, Myanna infused her essence into the mirror, causing the past to be intertwined with the relic.

Thus, when a Lady of House Navarre or a Navarrian Princess looks into the mirror, they are able to see the past within the glass.


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