The Relic of House Silverstone

The relic of House Silverstone is the First Flower.

Given to Lord Tristan the True Heart – the first Lord of House Silverstone – after the War of the Gods by their mother goddess, Ivinessa, the First Flower symbolizes perfection and the hope that the Eight Grand Houses will remain united in peace.

The daughter of Flora, the Goddess of Vines, and Solik, the God of the Sun, Ivinessa was gifted in creating flowers. Beautiful and magnificent flowers. So much so, that she was enlisted by Aois, the goddess of nature, to help decorate the forests of the original world in all of her flowers.

Alas, there was never a flower more beautiful than Ivinessa’s first flower, which was a chrysanthemum.

And it was this flower that Ivinessa gifted to Lord Tristan the True Heart.

But the First Flower is more than just beautiful to the eye.

The relic is able to sense when trouble is near – be it a murderer in the castle or a rogue wolf in the surrounding woods – and change colors to signal the emotions of whoever is near. And to the members of House Silverstone, the First Flower has the ability to release a pollen, sending the family a warning of danger.

Unfortunately, the First Flower was destroyed in the Rape of the Garden, where it was burned by Diagon flames.


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