The Relic of House Windermere

The Quill of Prayers is the divine relic of House Windermere.

It was given to the first Lady of House Windermere – Latonya the Loyal Heart – by their mother goddess, Avani, after the War of the Gods came to a victorious end.

According to legends, Avani had chosen to give the Quill of Prayers to Latonya, rather than her husband, Theseus, due to Latonya’s dedication to their cause and war efforts.

Latonya had forced her five sons – Euclid, Demetrius, Alexius, Kleon and Leon – and her twin daughters – Ambrosia and Herodia – to fight in the War of the Gods, along with her and her husband. And when her sons were killed in the Battle of Black Field and her daughters were taken as hostages in the Battle of River Valley, Latonya gave birth to a set of quintuplet sons, who she then took to a coven of witches and made them cast a spell that would see her sons grow to men within a moon cycle. Next, she gave birth to a pair of twin girls, who she to brought to the witches and forced to grow years within days.

And so, Latonya had sent her five strong sons into battle and her two beautiful daughters into the beds of their enemies with daggers strapped to their thighs.

Due to this bravery and sacrifice, the Lady of House Windermere was given the Quill of Prayers, which was forged from gold and allows for you to write to the gods. For when one writes with the relic, the words are whispered into the ear of their mother goddess, Avani, and any other god that they choose to call upon. Only those of Windermere blood can use the Quill of Prayers and only the Lord and Lady of House Windermere can call upon gods and goddesses other than Avani.

Sadly, the Quill of Prayers is no longer in the possession of House Windermere, for it was taken by the Order of Coin as payment for the High House not paying their debts.


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