The Rulers of House Silverstone

“During that time, House Silverstone was one of the wealthiest Grand Houses due to their vast fields. They were the ones who supplied Vahalia with all of its wheat, fruits, vegetables, and herbs.”

Living in the most northern area that’s located in the Kingdom of Vahalia, the Lords of House Silverstone have ruled over the Silverstone Realm and the Silent Forest since the War of the Gods, wielding their extraordinary blood gift to control the nature that surrounds them.

Known for their calm nature and lack of desire to engulf themselves in the politics of the kingdom, the Lords of House Silverstone have always been greatly underestimated by the southern lords.

In the end, the southern lords learn not to judge a flower by its weeds.

  • Lord Adrian the Magnolia (r. 1099 AS – 2009 AS)


Childhood: The youngest child of Lord Lumiere Silverstone and Alexandria of House Windermere, Adrian Silverstone grew up with four older sisters: Genevieve, Rosalie, Madaline, and Agathe. But, despite his sex and due to his age, Adrian was given the same education as his older sisters, though he was the heir to the Silverstone throne. Along with the same education, all of the Silverstone children were given the same lessons in horse riding, fighting, and astrology. No one could deny – not even their enemies – that this close upbringing forged a bond between Adrian and his sisters.

Reign: Lord Adrian’s reign began on a warm night in the heart of spring when he was awoken by his four sisters, who would then deliver the news that their beloved parents have died in the plague. Having only just turned twelve, Adrian looked to his sisters for advice and guidance on ruling the Silverstone Realm. And, for a while, their advice and guidance was all Lord Adrian needed to rule. However, about a decade later, there was a string of chaveonus attacks on Silverstone villages and the crown became too much for Adrian to bear.

Claim to Fame: Stepping down as Lord Silverstone and having one of his sisters turn him into a magnolia.

  • Lord Florentin the Heirless (r. 3223 AS – 3261 AS)


Childhood: The eldest son of Lord Frederic Silverstone and Mathilda of House Borgen, Florentin was sent to Salt Isle at the young age of seven, where he was fostered by his grandfather, Lord Chadick Borgen. During his time in the Borgen Realm, Florentin’s playmate and confidant was his mother’s sister, Princess Gertrude Borgen, who was born two years prior to Florentin’s arrival. There, the Silverstone Prince and the Borgen Princess studied together, played together, and loved together.

Reign: After the death of his father, Florentin returned to the Silverstone Realm with a bag of Borgen salt and a gift for his mother. The gift was a young and beautiful woman, his dearest Gertrude, who Florentin had married the night after he received word of his father’s demise. This caused a scandal in the Kingdom of Vahalia for Gertrude was Florentin’s maternal aunt, which they fevered would anger the gods into cursing the young couple with a barren nursery. But despite the scandal and the twelve miscarriages that Gertrude shall endure, Florentin refused to annul the marriage.

Claim to Fame: Naming a stable boy as heir to the Silverstone Realm.

  • Lord Henri the Chain Breaker (r. 4112 AS – 4156 AS)


Childhood: The older sibling of a pair of Gemini, Henri Silverstone was separated from his younger twin, Tristan, when they were infants. Their parents, Lord Marcel Silverstone and Alva of House Marlowe, were killed by Lord Marcel’s younger brother, Prince Francis the Overtaker, who then claimed himself as Lord of the Silverstone Realm. Having been smuggled out during the murders, Tristan was raised by House Marlowe under the disguise as Horik’s bastard and Henri was raised as a blacksmith’s apprentice in the Blackwood Realm.

Reign: After being separated for over two decades, Henri was reunited with Tristan during a twist of faith. Being in need of a sword, Tristan – who had been renamed Thorsten – traveled to the Blackwood Realm, where he sought out a Henri Blackhands, who was known as one of the best sword makers in the kingdom. When the two men laid eyes on each other, their Gemini blood gifts sparked to life and they discovered their true lineage. With the support of House Blackwood and House Marlowe, Henri Silverstone fought for his throne and was declared Lord Silverstone.

Claim to Fame: Abolishing serfdom in the Silverstone Realm, which had been rampant during his uncle’s reign.

  • Lady Maelynn the Protector (r. 4382 AS – 4442 AS)


Childhood: The only child of Princess Giselle of House Silverstone and Prince George of House Blackwood, Maelynn lived a moderately simple childhood. She was the beloved niece of, Lord Baron Silverstone, and known as the rose of House Silverstone for her extraordinary beauty. But despite her noble heritage and her uncle’s favoritism, Maelynn was raised in a small castle in the countryside under the watchful eyes of her parents.

Reign: After the Order of Medicine declared that Lord Baron Silverstone’s sons, Prince Laurent and Prince Leon, were unfit to become the Lords of House Silverstone – due to the eldest being deaf and dumb and the younger being a cripple – Maelynn was named as heir to the Silverstone throne. For over a decade, the Silverstone Realm led a peaceful and prosperous existence under the reign of Lady Maelynn until, during the summer of 4395 AS, the sprites of the Silent Forest declared war on the Original beings.

Claim to Fame: Driving out and defeating the evil sprites of the Silent Forest.

  • Lord Theon the Web Maker (r. 5069 AS – 5098 AS)


Childhood: The eldest child of cousin’s Lord Geoffrey Silverstone and Ophelia of House Silverstone, Theon Silverstone had seven younger sisters: Amabella, Baily, Celine, Devona, Elaine, Fleur, and Georgette. Due to being eight years older than his eldest sister, Princess Amabella, and fifteen years older than his youngest sister, Princess Georgette, Theon Silverstone was said to not be close with his younger sisters, who he had taken to calling the Strangers of House Silverstone.

Reign: After the death of his father, Theon’s first action as Lord of House Silverstone was to find matches and arrange betrothals for his younger sisters. Princess Amabella married Prince Berk of the High House. Princess Baily married Prince Owen of House Blackwood. Princess Celine married Gerulf of House Borgen. Princess Devona married Alexi of House Navarre. Princess Elaine married Prince Cesar of House Diagon. Princess Fleur married Prince Dimitri of House Windermere. Princess Georgette married Sigurd of House Marlowe. Ironically, Lord Theon died before he could arrange his own marriage, causing his nephew by Amabella to be declared Lord Silverstone.

Claim to Fame: Placing the Silverstone bloodline in all Eight Grand Houses


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