The Silverstone Blood Gift

House Silverstone has one of the most complex and underestimated blood gift of all the Eight Grand Houses.

Viewed by the southerners as nothing more than glorified farmers and gardeners, House Silverstone has always been greatly underestimated by the Lords of the Southern Houses, which are made up of House Diagon and the High House.

But while their blood gift of plant-wielding is not as show-worthy as House Diagon’s fire-wielding or the High House’s shapeshifting, House Silverstone’s blood gift is the most complex blood gift within the Kingdom of Vahalia.

Unlike the other blood gifts of the Eight Grand Houses, there are multiple uses for House Silverstone’s blood gift. It is not as simple as House Borgen’s ability to breathe underwater or House Windermere’s ability to fly. But the blood gift is more complex than any of the southern lords can imagine.

Below are just a few of abilities of House Silverstone’s blood gift.

Growing Plants


The ability to grow plants is a vital and useful part of the Silverstone blood gift. A person is able to grown plants in places that they would otherwise be unable to flourish and they are able to grow plants in the winter. This was a vital part of the Kingdom of Vahalia’s food system, for the Silverstone’s supplied the other Grand Houses with crops during the winter months. Due to its importance, growing plants is the first ability that a person learns and it is the easiest to master.

Night Lavenders


Used as a way to render a person unconscious, night lavenders are popularly used by House Silverstone due to their non-violence. All one must do is breath in the flower and they will fall into a deep sleep. To create a night lavender, a Silverstone that;s blessed with the blood gift must first create a lavender flower and then enhance the essence of that lavender. The night lavender was most famously used in 3443 AS when Princess Margarette placed an entire realm under a deep sleep.



There are two types of vesseling. One type of vesseling is memory vesseling. This is when a person’s memories are placed inside of a flower. When a person’s memories are placed inside of a flower, the petals close and are only opened when the memories are given back to the person. Only those who are willing can have their memories vesseled. The other type of vesseling is soul vesseling. This is when a person’s soul is ripped from their bodies and placed inside of a flower, trapping them. This punishment is used for only the cruelest of people and enemies. At one point, House Silverstone had an entire garden filled with soul vesseled flowers.

Petal Whispering


One of the most convenient abilities of the Silverstone blood gift, petal whispering is used as House Silverstone’s main form of communication. This is done when a person creates two identical flowers – be it two yellow roses or two purple tulips – and places a little bit of their essence inside of the two flowers. Using these two flowers, the two owners are able to communicate with each other by taking/listening to the flowers. Imagine petal whispering being nature’s form of a telephone. Petal whispering has no distance restrictions.


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