The Flowers of House Silverstone and their Purpose.

                    He cups her cheek with his bloody hand and raises her face to meet his.                                                                  “All will be well”, he whispered. “Trust me.”                                                                                           The smell of lavender fills her senses.                                                   And then she sees no more.

Known as the Gardeners of Vahalia, the blessed family members of House Silverstone – those who were born with the blood gift to wield and create plants – have the ability to grow certain plants that can be used as herbal medicines and mythical mood adapters.

These plants can be used for a wide range of purposes.

From getting rid of severe anxiety and calming a person’s nerves to making a person feel happy when they are in mourning, the flowers of House Silverstone have magical properties within their roots and petals.

  • Gerbera: The ability to protect a woman’s innocence from evil intentions.
  • Liatris: The ability to make a person forgive its creator.
  • Orchid: The ability to give a person virility and aid in childbearing.
  • Sunflower: The ability to give a person a sense of happiness.
  • Anemone: The ability to ward off evil spirits and bad omens.
  • Iris: The ability to bring a person into a state of inner consciousness.
  • Hydrangea: The ability to hydrate a person in extreme climates.
  • Aster: The ability to calm a person’s anxiety and nerves.
  • Carnation: The ability to give a person good luck.
  • Amaryllis: The ability to make a person fall in love with its creator.
  • Calla Lily: The ability to cleanse the mind of wicked thoughts and make it pure.

     For a moment, Emily regrets not taking Tristan up on his offer to make her a sunflower tonic to ease her sadness, wanting nothing more than to be relieved of the painful and intense sorrow that’s currently crushing her chest.

     No, she thinks, looking at the two graves. I deserve to feel this.


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