The Blood Plague

The Blood Plague is the deadliest disease to ever touch the Original World.

During its multiple outbreaks, the Blood Plague resulted in the deaths of an estimated 30 to 125 million people. It most greatly affected the Vahalia Kingdom, Applani Kingdom, and the Eslandia Queendom. During later stages of the Blood Plague, the disease went on to infect the southern islands within the Black Sea and the northern islands within the Balkin Ocean due to exploring greater distances and trade ships.

The Blood Plague created a series of religious and social upheavals, which led to a profound effect on the Original World.

Origin of the Blood Plague

The Blood Plague – known also as, Homicidii et Sanguinis – was a virus that was able to spread to people by means of both airborne and skin-to-skin contact. The virus was carried within the blood systems of those who are carriers of the disease, and so, it is able to infect those who come in contact with these carriers. This can be done by means of a sneeze (airborne) and a kiss (skin-to-skin). Fortunately for those who are carriers of the Blood Plague, they are immune to the disease and, most likely, have passed it one to at least one of their children.

Signs and Symptoms

The Blood Plague is a sickness that mostly affected the cardiac and vascular systems of the body.

Stage 1 (2-4 Days After Infection):  The infected begin to experience the feeling of fatigue and a subtle throbbing sensation in their limbs.

Stage 2 (6-7 Days After Infection):  The infected will begin to experience severe chest pains and trouble breathing. During the end of Stage 2, the infected will begin to lose feeling and use in their legs and fingers, which will turn black.                                                

Stage 3 (10-12 Days After Infection): The infected will experience severe dizziness and fainting spells. They will begin to vomit blood. Their body will begin to expel fluids, such as in the form of vomiting and diarrhea, and will stop absorbing nutrients.       

Stage 4 (15-16 Days After Infection): The infected will begin to bleed from the opening of the body. This includes the infected’s ears, eyes, and the genitals from both males and females. During the end of Stage 4, the infected will begin to bleed from their pores. 

Stage 5 (20-24 Days After Infection): The infected will succumb to death.


When the first Blood Plague occurred in 497 AS, the disease was widely believed to be a punishment brought down upon them by the gods and goddesses who were angered after losing the War of the Gods five centuries prior. Hoping to ease the anger of the gods, priests and priestesses would perform sacrifices, which included everyone from grown men to infant girls. These sacrifices would take over 2,000 lives within the first year. These sacrifices ended after High Lord Ozan Morgen made a decree that banned human sacrifices, dubbing the act barbaric and against the teachings of the gods.

However, during the next four Blood Plagues that would sweep across the Original World, groups of radical Lunites were said to have kidnapped orphan children and sacrificed them in Lunite Temples.

Mentioned in the Book

  • The Girl with the Sun-Kissed Hair (Book #1)

The Blood Plague is first mentioned in Lady Blackwood’s POV chapter. Alexandria is recalling the legend that her older sister, Gabriela, used to tell her during her childhood. The legend was about the Ice Maidens of Ice Isle, who were fierce female warriors that succumbed to the Blood Plague within the span of a single month.

     Alas, it was the Blood Plague that brought death to the ice maidens, whipping out their entire clan within the span of a moon cycle.


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