The Five Purges of Vahalia

The purges were House Diagon’s greatest act, for they helped to cleanse the Kingdom of Vahalia from non-originals and their non-believing souls, thus allowing for the gods and goddess to bless their kingdom.

The Five Purges of Vahalia was a series of huntings that led to the extinction of mythical creatures in the Kingdom of Vahalia.

Led by House Diagon, the five purges took place over a span of a thousand years, leaving behind a legacy of destruction and chaos in the aftermath of each hunting. 

While it was House Diagon who started the Five Purges, the High House sent their own soldiers to aid in the huntings, along with missionary groups from the other Grand Houses. The only Grand Houses that did not participate in the Five Purges were House Silverstone and House Navarre. 

  • The Purge of Faeries (6002 AS)

The Purge of Faeries was led by Lady Isabella of House Diagon after her husband, Lord Tiberius, was killed by a rogue faery, who had snuck into the lord’s bedchamber as revenge for Lord Tiberius burning his faerie wife, who was struck by the Madness of 6000 AS.

The Purge of Mermaidens was declared by Princess Lucrezia of House Diagon after her two sons, Rocco and Paolo, drowned on a ship that had been taken over and destroyed by the mermaiden clan, Eboness; the evil sister clan of Ivorness mermaidens.

The Purge of Chaveonouses, also known as switchers, was led by Lady Maria of House Diagon’s lover, Sir Cesar, after Lady Maria and their bastard daughter, Rosa, were attacked and killed by a pack of chaveonouses while they were traveling to the Morgen Realm. 

  • The Purge of Cruorwolves (6981 AS)

The Purge of Cruorwolves was declared by Lady Katarina of the High House after a string of cruorwolf attacks occurred throughout the Morgen Realm, which led to the deaths of nearly four dozen children. 

  • The Purge of Ogres (7007 AS)

The Purge of Ogres was led by newly anointed Lord Marcus of House Diagon after a young ogre had mistaken the Diagon Emerald Mine for a cave and fell asleep inside. This was the only purge that was not given the support of the High Lord, for there have never been reports of an ogre harming a person. 

“And then we would be no better than them”, snapped her mom. Emily knows that tone all too well. That tone was used on her frequently during her high school years. It’s a tone that leaves no room for argument. “What kind of people would we be if we killed an innocent ogre? And for committing no other crime than being what he is. We would be no better than the Diagons.”


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