Also known as blood wolves, cruowolves are the most mysterious creatures in the Original World, for they are both man and beast.


Created by a coven of witches in 1204 AS, the first cruowolves were once normal men and woman, who were said to live in a small village in the Marlowe Realm. These men and woman had been chosen by the witches due to their strength and endurance, along with other attributes. 

The witches created a potion using devil’s flowers, the tears of a virgin, the blood of both a pixie and sprite, the bark of an elder tree, and an ancient spell. 

After the villagers consumed the potion, the witches completed the last of the spell, thus turning these men and woman into the first cruowolves. 

Men and women who are cursed to transform into beasts during the night.  

Birth & Creation

There are two ways in which a person can become a cruowolf: birth and creation.

A cruowolf can be born if one of his/her parents is a cruowolf. The chances of a cruowolf passing on the gene to their offspring are slim, but it is not unheard of. However, if both the mother and father are cruowolves, the chances of their offspring being cruowolves are 100%.

A cruowolf can be created if s/he is bitten by a cruowolf. 


When in their original form, a cruowolf looks like an average person, carrying only a black marking on their neck to signify their nature. But when night comes and their animal side takes over, a cruowolf will take on the appearance of a giant wolf. They are as tall as a horse and as thick as a grizzly bear. They have two rows of razor sharp teeth in their mouths. A female cruowolf’s teeth are covered with venom, which can paralyze a victim if bitten once and kill a person if s/he is bitten multiple times. Their eyes and fur retain the same color as their original eyes and hair shade. 


Cruowolves are faster than a horse and stronger than an ox. 

Though their eyesight is weaker than when in their original form, their sense of smell and hearing is significantly increased. It is said that a cruowolf can be in the Marlowe Realm and hear a tree fall in the Silverstone Realm. 

When pregnant, a cruowolf’s senses, including eyesight, will become twice as strong. 

While a cruowolf is forced to transform into their beast form during the night, they will also transform when angered and have the ability to transform when choosing to do so. 


Despite being powerful creatures who were designed to kill, the cruowolves have shown no signs of being vicious towards others. They keep to themselves in the woods – far away from any villages – and rarely make contact with people. Even when they are in their original form, a cruowolf is unlikely to approach a person during the day, fearing that they will become angered and attack an innocent person. 

However, there have been cases where, if a cruowolf is injured or dying, they will attack and eat weaker people, such as children and the elderly. 

The Pack

A cruowolf pack is a family. 

Typically containing 20-30 cruowolves, a pack consist of an alpha male and an alpha female, along with two beta males and two beta females. Unlike the chaveonus packs, where one must fight and kill the current alpha to take his/her place, the next cruowolf alpha is the offspring of the current alpha. The alpha male and alpha female are usually not mated together and have mates of their own. Because of this, the alpha male’s eldest son is next in line to be the alpha male of the pack and the alpha female’s eldest daughter is next in line to be the alpha female. 

When a cruowolf finds a mate, they mate for life and are strictly monogamist, so much so, that a cruowolf will become violently ill if forced to mate with another and die if they lose their mate.

Due to their family dynamics, the offspring of the pack are deeply loved and raised by all the members of the pack, whether or not they are their child. 



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