The Battle of Flames

Fought in 7007 AS, the Battle of Flames was the final epic battle that took place in the War of Blood, ending the war fought between House Diagon and House Navarre.

It all began when the newly anointed Lord Diagon, Marcus Diagon, sent a letter to Lord Viktor Navarre. In that letter, Marcus demanded that Viktor delivers one of his three daughters to the Diagon Realm, where they will become Marcus’s ward. The Lord Diagon claimed that, by giving him a Navarre princess, House Navarre will be unable to seek retribution against House Diagon for their part in the Rape of the Garden, despite House Navarre showing no evidence in wishing to do so.

Lord Viktor Navarre,

I am under no illusion of your wife’s Silverstone heritage. For I can smell the wicked stench of pine needles and vines that swims in her veins from across the kingdom to my great realm.

I know that your wife seeks retribution for the deaths of her traitorous family members. The High Lord may believe Antoinette to be innocent of this wicked thinking, for he believes she knows and is wholly ashamed of her blood house’s traitorous crimes, but I am not so blind to the hatred that must fester in her weak woman’s heart.

Deliver me one of your daughters and I shall leave thee be. 

Fail to do as I command and I shall deliver thee the fires of Fuocos. 

                Lord Marcus Diagon                                                                                                                                           

Umbraged that another lord would dare to command him what to do – especially by a southern child lord of eleven who has worn the Diagon crown for less than a moon cycle – Lord Viktor Navarre sent Lord Diagon a reply to the letter in the form of a man’s severed hand in a golden box. The owner of the hand was Rocco Diagon, the young cousin of Marcus Diagon who was a ward to a lesser Navarrian nobleman.

And it was this event that set off a stream of small battles fought between House Navarre and House Diagon: Battle of Black River, Battle of Silk Field, Battle of Emerald Rush, Battle of Golden Mine, Battle of Ruby Blood, and the Battle of River’s Lost.

With each battle that was fought, House Diagon’s army drew closer and closer to the Navarre Realm, where the Battle of Flames took place on the cold winter night of December the 16th.

Standing upon their fleet of river boats, House Navarre’s soldiers fought against the Diagon Army. They used crossbows and longbows and javelins to fend off the Diagon soldiers and prevent the army from going into Navarrian land.

For two days, the Navarre and Diagon Army battled against one another – killing hundreds and wounding even more – until the Diagon Army was finally defeated with the use of a cannon, a newly designed weapon from the Milania Kingdom.

But the victory of House Navarre was a hollow one, for their dear Lord Viktor Navarre had perished in battle, having gained a spear through the eye.


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