The Gods and Goddesses

The original race had no kings or lords of their own race. We were ruled by, Gandos, the king of the gods, and the eight gods of the Lunar Council.

Like most omniscient beings, the gods and goddesses of the Original World play a light hand in the actions of the original people – having given them free will during their creation – while also being the reason behind most of their actions. 

However, despite their lack of direct influences, the gods and goddesses of the Original World have shown themselves to be key players in the game of survival, using their abilities to change the winds in order to help those who have a pure heart and good intentions. 

There are two kinds of gods and goddesses: the gods who were created by light and the gods who were born of other gods. 

The gods and goddess are powerful, wise and, above all, unseen. 

Gods & Goddesses

  • Aois – Goddess of Nature
  • Njord – God of the Sea
  • Lula – Goddess of Voyagers
  • Numeria – Goddess of Sleep
  • Sirona – Goddess of Death
  • Raggor – God of Rebels
  • Eurishem – God of Eunichs
  • Calypso – Goddess of War
  • Lokkus – God of Rivers
  • Feliccia – Goddess of Fertility
  • Clarissi – Goddess of Children
  • Elvania – Goddess of War Tactics
  • Bellova – Goddess of Beauty
  • Acher – God of Archery
  • Malikos – God of Brotherhood
  • Kaleb – God of Mountains
  • Kalisee – Goddess of Prayer
  • Calisa – Goddess of Whispers
  • Myanna – Goddess of the Past
  • Valor – God of Handsomeness 
  • Jedoreh – God of Charity
  • Visena – Goddess of Wine

Owen grimaces. “What does this have to do with the gods?”

“It has everything to do with the gods.” Lord Blackwood smiles at his youngest son. “It was the goddess of children, Clarissi, who had spoken to me that night.


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