The Battle of Coals

     Abigail’s marriage is the legacy of the Battle of Coals and was created to solidify the alliance between their two realms.

On the morning of September 23, 7013 AS, hundreds of torches were lit across the coast of the Calipso Sea, signify an oncoming attack by sea.

The Applani Armada was thirty miles from the Kingdom of Vahalia and would be on their shore in two days time.

The attack was a result of the Applani Siege; in which House Silverstone and House Blackwood attacked the Applani Kingdom with over fifty thousand men and forced King Horcrux to free his slaves and put an end to the Applani slave system, resulting in the financial collapse of the kingdom.

It’s unknown why House Silverstone and House Blackwood attacked the Applani Kingdom.

Due to House Diagon and House Blackwood ruling the realms that sit along the coast of the Calipso Sea, the two enemy Grand Houses were forced to unite against the Applani Armada in an effort to protect the eastern realms of Vahalia and the capital city of Diamond Rough, which is the home the High House.

United as one force, the army of House Diagon, which was led Lord Marcus Diagon’s cousin, Meagore, used trebuchet’s to throw flaming sacks of oil at the Applani ships, causing the Applani soldiers to burn even after they jump overboard into the water, and House Blackwood, led by Lord Henry Blackwood, attacked the remaining ships with large cannons that were filled with small iron balls, causing substantial damage to the ships.

Within three hours, the Applani Armada was defeated and laid to rest at the bottom of the Calipso Sea.

The Battle of Coals was the only war to be fought without any Vahalian casualties.

Oh! How she thanks the gods for that battle!


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