Allahos & Demonos

But with the Prophecy of Morgana, the witches created the blessed realms, Allahos and Demonos, where original souls are sent to after death.

Similar to the human’s version of heaven and hell, Allahos and Demonos are the spiritual realms that house the souls of original beings after they have died. Original beings who have proven themselves to be good – from performing good deeds to protecting those who are unable to protect themselves – are sent to Allahos after their deaths. Those who have proven themselves to be evil – be it through wicked deeds or standing by and allowing wicked deed to prevail – are condemned to Demonos. 

These spiritual realms were created by the Coven of Malephena in the aftermath of the War of the Gods and the creation of the Prophecy of Morgana, which barred original souls from entering the Realm of Lunarok; the holy realm of the gods. Allahos and Demonos were created as places for the original souls to be housed after the death of their bodies. They shall remain in these spiritual realms until after the Prophecy of Morgana has come to pass. Depending on the outcome of the Great War, these original souls will either remain in these spiritual realms or be allowed entrance into the Realm of Lunarok.

Alas, Allahos and Demonos are as different as winter and spring. 

Ruled by Gildas, the God of Light, the spiritual realm of Allahos is said to be a magnificent great hall. The walls and columns of this great hall are carved from the purest of golds and encrusted with thousands of tiny diamonds, causing the great hall to shine like the sun. Within the great hall of Gildas are long tables that are always filled with food and plenty of wine. Every morning there is grace and prayers and every night there is a feast and dancing. 

It is a wonderful place, where there is no pain, no sorrow, and no tainted souls. 

Ruled over by Arawn, the God of Darkness, the spiritual realm of Demonos is a dark and wicked great hall. The walls and columns are forged from the flesh and skin of heretics and the floors are covered in the blood of murders and rapists. Each hour is signaled by the screams of the newly dead and the food is made from maggots and the ashes of the burned. On each anniversary of the person’s death, they turn into stone statue and are at the mercy of democs; vicious birds that peck away the original’s soul through their eyes. 

Demonos is a place of darkness and terror, where the wicked are punished over and over until the end of time. 

Alec answers. “If the Sun-Kissed is not killed by your hand then our souls will be cast into Allahos and Demonos for all of eternity and we shall never to reunite with the gods.”



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