The Faery Kiss

The Faery Kiss was the smallest disease epidemic of the Original World, and yet, it is one of the most feared diseases to have ever come across the original beings. 

Unlike other diseases that have swept across the Kingdom of Vahalia, the Faery Kiss was kept within the confines of the Diagon Realm. It most greatly affected the members of House Diagon, one of the Eight Grand Houses of Vahalia, and the noble families of the Diagon Realm. However, the non-nobility were not without fear of catching the dreaded diseases. The families of soldiers and those who were a part of the religious orders of the Lunite Faith, such as priests and priestesses, were also greatly affected by the disease. 

The Faery Kiss led to the deaths of over 20,000 people – 1,500 of those being members of House Diagon – and caused mayhem within the Diagon Realm. 

Origin of the Faery Kiss

The Faery Kiss – known also as The Cursed Breath, The Flower Ruin, The Curse of Melvina, and The Faery’s Revenge – was a disease with magical origins. 

According to legend, the Faery Kiss was created by the faery, Princess Melvina of Golden Isle, in the early 6000s AS. It was created as revenge for the Purge of 6002 AS; an event that was led by House Diagon, which saw to the hunting and deaths of over 3,000 faeries that were residing in the Kingdom of Vahalia at the time. Angered and grief-stricken by the deaths of so many of her kinsmen, the princess unleashed a curse upon all those who had a hand in the purge, bringing death and ill-will down on the Diagon’s unsuspecting heads. 

At its worst, the Faery Kiss traveled across the borders of the Diagon Realm and struck down those who carried Diagon blood in other realms. These victims included: Earl Rocco of House Windermere, Sir Marcus of House Navarre, and Master Augustus of the Order of Education. 

The Curse of Melvina

Mátha, Blood Of My Blood

Hear The Pain Of Thee Laení

I Beseech You, Mátha

Raise The  Diagon Over The Nest

Erupt Great Munts Across The Plains of Flesh

Let The Phoenix Devour And Devour 

Let The Phoenix Remain Unquenched 

I Beseech You, Mátha

Force Them To Fly, To Soar 

Their Wings Shall Give Way To Flames

They Shall Crash Into The Valley Of The Lost

I Beseech You, Mátha

Signs and Symptoms

The Faery Kiss is a sickness that mostly affected the victim’s exocrine and digestive systems, as well as affecting them psychologically. 

  • Stage 1 (1-3 Days After Infection): The infected begins to experience racing heartbeats and heart palpitations. A light flush will arise on their chest and they will experience an increase in hunger.
  • Stage 2 (5-9 Days After Infection): Large boils will arise on the infected’s flesh – mostly on the back and inner thigh area – that are hot to the touch and filled with a thick black liquid. The flush on their chest will spread to the rest of their body and they’ll experience hot flashes.
  • Stage 3 (11-15 Days After Infection): The Infected will begin to lose a large amount of weight – an average of 12 pounds a day – and experience rapid bouts of diarrhea. The boils will begin to burst and they’ll experience a fierce burning down their spin.
  • Stage 4 (16-19 Days After Infection): Madness will invade the infected. They’ll begin to hallucinate and experience short bouts of hysteria. They’ll laugh and then cry and then scream and then love. The hallucinations are of the dead faeries taunting and cursing them from beyond the grave.
  • Stage 5 ( 20-21 After Infection): Death. 

The Attempts For A Cure

After the outbreak of the Faery Kiss, the reigning Lord Diagon of the time, Lord Caelius Diagon, called for the Order of Medicine to find a cure. 

However, despite all their expertise in the art of medicine and knowledge of the body, the Order of Medicine was unable to find a cure for the dreaded sickness. 

But though the masters of the order were unable to find a cure for the Faery Kiss, they were able to find methods that would lessen the pain and slow the course the sickness. These methods included: Taking hot baths with willow flowers, drinking the juice of goldi berries, and eating beetroot soup. 

As a last ditch effort to help those in the throws of madness, physicians would place the infected in chambers filled with flowers and plants, hoping to appease the mother goddess of the faery people. 

Aftermath of the Sickness

After the Faery Sickness took the life of Lord Caelius and his younger brothers, Prince Brutus and Prince Balbus, a string of battles broke out across the Diagon Realm for the throne of House Diagon. These battles would lead to the deaths of over 10,000 people and leave the realm in turmoil eight years.

In the year 6024 AS, Lord Caelius’s second-cousin, Livia Romano, became the first Lady of House Diagon after making an alliance with House Silverstone through her marriage of Prince Marcel.

Lady Livia Diagon ruled for only three years before she was overthrown by her uncle, Marques Augustus. Livia and her family were thrown into a well and set on fire.  




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