The Castles of the Grand Houses

Evaestone is the biggest castle she has ever seen. Not that she has seen many castles in the human world, or any world, for that matter. The castle at Disney Land was about where her knowledge ended. But she would bet a hundred dollars and kitchen duty that Evaestone is the biggest. Tristan said their old castle, Chrysemfell, was three times the size of this one, but that’s hard to imagine.

Like most things in the Original World, such as blood gifts and the Blackwood Fury, the castle of a Grand House is passed down from generation to generation. 

Many of these ancestral homes date back over seven thousand years ago when they were given to the Lords and Ladies of Grand Houses after the War of the Gods and the Great Separation. For the castles that can not boast such age and history, they were created by the hands of man and suite their purposes well. 

  • Aquafell


Aquafell is the stronghold of House Borgen and it resides on the island of Salt Isle, located in the Calipso Sea off the coast of the Blackwood Realm. The castle is known for its Mermaid Tunnels and walls made of sea glass. Many parts of the castle have sand for floors and their tower is known as the Seagull Tower, which houses their carrier seagulls.

  • Ashstorm


Ashstorm is the castle of House Diagon and resides in the southern area of the kingdom and on the coast of the Calypso Sea. Externally, the castle is made of black stone and, internally, it is covered in black marble. Jewels from their Gemstone Mines cover the doors of the great hall and a large sun door has been carved from the ceiling, which allows smoke to escape the great hall.

  •  Ironwick


Ironwick is the castle of House Blackwood and resides in the northern area of the kingdom and on the coast of the Calypso Sea. The castle is known for its strength and sturdy walls, which have not been infiltrated since the Battle of Iron Keep in the period of 4000 AS. Despite the imposing walls surrounding the castle, gardens filled with flowers are scattered within the walls. 

  • Chrysemfell 


Chrysemfell was the ancestral castle of House Silverstone and resided in the northern area of the kingdom and along the border of the Silent Forest. The castle was known more for its landscaping, for it was covered with vines of flowers and lush gardens, than its structure. The Tower of Roses housed the carrier falcons and was covered in different color roses.

  • Diamond Rough


Diamond Rough is the stronghold of the High House. The name, Diamond Rough, is used to describe both the capital city of the kingdom and the castle where the High House resides. The castle is located on the southern peninsula of the kingdom and is surrounded by the Black Sea. It’s known for its wall of diamonds that surround the castle. 

  • Rivenhall


Rivenhall is the ancestral palace of House Navarre, located in the northwest of the kingdom and bordered by the Silent Forest and the Wet Lands. The castle is made entirely of white marble and murals are carved within the walls. Their falcon tower, called the Tower of Opal, is made of pure gold and rivers surround the castle in intricate patterns. 

  • The Castles of House Marlowe


Unlike the castles of other Grand Houses, which only claim one ancestral home, House Marlowe lays claim to eight: Beaufort, Everstorm, Greyhold, Axstorm, Highgate, Craesterhall, Oldfell, and Dreadwick. These castle of much smaller than the other ancestral castles and were ruled by the Eight Clans Leader of House Marlowe. These miniature castles were known for being strong and without the luxuries one would find in other castles. 

  • The Castle of House Windermere


House Windermere was not given a castle by their mother goddess, but reside in Diamond Rough with the High House. Throughout the years of their service to the High House, they have been given multiple small castles as tokens of the High House’s friendship. These castles are smaller than other castles and are rarely used by House Windermere, leaving many of them to be in a state of messiness. 





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