The Soundtrack Envisioned for the Book

Hard Time, by Seinabo Sey


Shout, by Think Up Anger


Smells Like Teen Spirit, by Think Up Anger


In This Moment, by Scarlet


World On Fire, by Friction


Game of Survival, by Ruelle


Heroes Epic Music, by Randy Dominguez


New Blood, by Koda


The Hunted, by Snow Ghost


Hurricane, by MS MR


Lithium, by Evanescence


The Devil Within, by Digital Daggers


Strange and Beautiful, by Aqualung


Impact Music Pride and Glory, by Precursus


Feral Love, by Chelsea Wolf


Call For Heros, by Unknown


Meet Me On The Battlefield, by Svrcina


Madness, by Ruelle


Two Steps From Hell, by Protectors of Earth