About The Book

Emily Rosewood is completely, absolutely and, without a doubt, normal.

Like most girls her age, the twenty-one year old redhead has three goals in her life: graduate from college with her best friends, survive her magazine internship under the scrutinizing gaze of her dragon boss, and land her dream job in the fashion industry before having to move back in with her overprotective parents.

But when she’s taken to another world – where secrets are revealed and prophecies are spoken – her priorities take a sharp turn in a direction that she never imagined for herself. Thrown into the legacy of a seven-thousand-year-old war between the gods and the original beings, Emily must learn her place in this new world while struggling to leave her old life behind.

Set in a world of magic and mythical creatures, the Kingdom of Vahalia is made up of Eight Grand Houses, who live under the firm rule of the Royal High House. However, it is not through wealth or titles that give these Grand Houses their true power, but rather it is through their blood. With the blood of the gods running thick through their veins, each Grand House carries a supernatural ability that has been bestowed upon them by their house god, known as a blood gift.

Due to a blood gift only being able to pass through the bloodline of the father, they are the catalyst for betrothals and used as grounds for divorce when a wife does not produce a blood gifted child.

Emily Rosewood is one of these gifted children.

The first child of peasant blood to be blessed with a blood gift, Emily has been chosen by the gods of the Original World to carry the blood gifts of all the Eight Grand Houses. But with this blessing, a target has been put on her back and so, using nothing but her wits and the support of those loyal to her, Emily Rosewood must fight to survive the High Lord’s army and the schemes of the evil Lord Diagon.

With the Great War looming and alliances ever changing, Emily Rosewood and the Eight Grand House must find a way to save their world from utter destruction and complete the Prophecy of Morgana, which will determine the survival of their beautiful world.



One thought on “About The Book

  1. I love fantasy books and these book definitely sounds intriguing. I’ve very interested to find out what these 8 different gifts are and how she managed to get all of them, also how she ended up in a different world? So many questions!


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