House Blackwood

Colors: Yellow and Gray 

Motto: “We Are Iron Strong” 

Parent God: Kivoc

Blood Gift: Super Strength 

House Blackwood is one of the Eight Grand Houses that make up the Kingdom of Vahalia.

The Blackwood Realm is bordered by the Calipso Sea and located between the Silverstone Realm and the Diagon Realm. Located within the realm are iron mines, which House Blackwood uses to forge swords, armors, and shields, thus giving them the nickname, The Blacksmiths of Vahalia. The people of the Blackwood Realm follow the Lunite faith.

Other than the High House, House Blackwood is considered to be the most influential Grand House in Vahalia due to having bloodlines in many of the other Grand Houses, such as House Morgen, House Windermere, and House Navarre.