House Diagon

Colors: Black and Red

Motto: “Feel Thy Flames”

Parent God: Fuocos 

Blood Gift: Fire Wielding 

House Diagon is one of the Eight Grand Houses that make up the Kingdom of Vahalia.

The Diagon Realm is located in the southern region of Vahalia. The realm is bordered by the Morgen Realm, the realm of the High House, and the Blackwood Realm. Though the people of the Diagon Realm are followers of the Lunite faith, their true worship lies in the hands of Fuocos, the parent god of House Diagon. Due to their devoutness in Fuocos, the people of the Diagon Realm hold fire as being pure and their main weapon.

House Diagon makes their money by selling gemstones and diamonds to the other Grand Houses, which they are able to aquire from their many gemstone mines, which include sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.