House Marlowe

Colors: Teal and Dark Gray 

Motto: “Blood. Flesh. Steal”

Parent Goddess: Oralla

Blood Gift: Mind Control 

House Marlowe is one of the Eight Grand Houses that make up the Kingdom of Vahalia.

Located in the northern region of the kingdom – nestled between the Silverstone Realm and the Cursed Realm – the Marlowe Realm was known as a popular trading area. Due to the fact that House Marlowe doesn’t follow the traditional hierarchy system of Vahalia, which has a Lord and Lady, the Marlowe Realm was filled with miniature castles to house all the high-born Marlowes, rather than one large castle.

After their failed rebellion, known as the Marlowe Rebellion, House Marlowe were forced to flee to the Silents Woods and their realm was deserted.