House Navarre

Colors: Maroon and Ivory 

Motto: Let the Rivers Flow

Parent God: Orion

Blood Gift: Seeing the Past 

House Navarre is one of the Eight Grand Houses that make up the Kingdom of Vahalia.

The Navarre Realm is located in the northeastern part of Vahalia. It’s surrounded by thick and swamp-like marshland and contains an intricate range of rivers. These rivers range from short, being no larger than the width of the realm, to ones that are long enough to expand the entire kingdom. To travel to the Navarre Realm, one must take a river boat, as the land is unfit for riding. Due to the high amount of rainfall and marshes, the realm is known as the Wetlands.

House Navarre makes their wealth through selling silk, which is produced through their silk fields, to the other Grand Houses and kingdoms across the sea.