House Windermere

Colors: Purple and Gray

Motto: “Ours is the Loyal”

Parent God: Avani

Blood Gift: Flying 

House Borgen is one of the Eight Grand Houses that make up the Kingdom of Vahalia.

Unlike the other grand houses of Vahalia, House Windermere does not have a realm to claim as its own. Instead, House Windermere resides in Diamond Rough with the High House, who they have been the personal advisors to since the creation of their two houses. The alliance between House Windermere and House Morgen has been the longest one in the history of Vahalia, seeing as how their parent gods, Calypso and Avani, were cousins.

Members of House Windermere are known for joining the different Orders of Vahalia, including the Order of Medicine, the Order of Coin, and the Order of Education.